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If you wish to be considered for membership in the Deer Creek Conservation Club of Grant County, please complete the attached Application for Membership form and return it to:

Deer Creek Conservation Club of Grant County
PO Box 127

Gas City, IN 46933

Should you have any questions regarding the application or application process, please feel free to contact:

The Application for Membership form must be completely filled out. Additionally, the following also applies:

-You must agree to a Criminal Records/Background Check on yourself.
-You must honestly complete the DCCC membership application.
-You must agree to attend a meeting with the New Member Committee to go over the rules and regulations of the DCCC.
-You must agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of DCCC.
-You must provide a current photograph of yourself.
-You must include a $50 Join Fee along with your Application for Membership. In the event that an applicant is denied membership, the Join Fee will be refunded.

-Upon receipt of your Application for Membership, someone in the Membership Committee will contact you.

-Should you be tentatively be accepted for Membership in DCCC and scheduled to meet with the New Member Committee you will be contacted to schedule your orientation.  Upon successful completion of application processing and receipt by the Club of your yearly dues at this meeting, you will be given your DCCC Membership Card and range access. This meeting will also include a safety briefing and tour of the DCCC ranges.


Please note again, that yearly dues must be paid at the time of your meeting with the New Member Committee. Checks should be made payable to: “Deer Creek Conservation Club”. New member dues may be pro-rated based on the date the membership application is processed as outlined in the table, below.

Maintaining the integrity of our Club is an utmost priority. We do not take applicants without major consideration. Safety is our main concern and we will take whatever steps are necessary for self-preservation of the Club. Please understand that this is a private club and while new members are welcome, there is no guaranteed right to membership.


Board of Directors
Deer Creek Conservation Club of Grant County

Applications may also be dropped off at Walnut Creek Outdoors in Gas City at the front cash register.

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